Tel ยท Avir

/ tel uh-veer / Noun


Community and Outreach Manager

Last Update: July 2nd, 2018



  • EcoOcean Office

Job Percentage

  • 100


FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education Programs in Israel - working with FEE's international management, working with coastal authorities in Israel, including sea and coastal divisions and joint work with other countries. The role includes establishing, developing and operating a community of volunteers for marine nature reserves, coordinating with environmental organizations in Israel, running campaigns in the summer months for the marine environment, working with government agencies, authorities and international bodies.


Experience in managing complex projects - team management, contact with partners, training and guidance ability. Ability to work in an international environment. English as mother tongue level - a must. Skills in budget management, order and organization, time management, independent work. Experience in working with municipality officials, government offices and other volunteering bodies, domestic as well as foreign. Experience in leading public campaigns and moves for social change in the field and online - a must. Writing, development and content management skills, a deep knowledge of social activity and the third sector in Israel, as well as social and traditional media. Background in marine fields - an advantage.