Tel ยท Avir

/ tel uh-veer / Noun

Forum 15

Acting Director, Environment and Sustainability Forum

Last Update: April 14th, 2018



  • Maya Crabtree


Management of the activities of Forum 15 in the fields of environment and sustainability, with emphasis on the implementation of the "Alliance of Cities for the Quality of Life and Environment" program in the Forum's municipalities; Concentration and accessibility of information and development of tools and training; Organizing and producing events, seminars, training and training of the forum in the fields of environment and sustainability; Consulting, preparing position papers and providing opinions on relevant issues; Initiating projects in municipalities that are members of the Covenant and in front of government ministries; Ongoing management of green construction; The concentration of the program of residents for urban sustainability in the municipalities; Staff management of additional permanent employees and permanent and variable external consultants * and more.