Tel ยท Avir

/ tel uh-veer / Noun

  1. A pun on Tel-Aviv, as Avir means Air in Hebrew
  2. Tel Avir creates the best atmosphere for discussing environmental issues

Our Mission

We are an English-speaking group in Israel dedicated to creating a local atmosphere to promote social and professional networking and to increase knowledge, awareness, and involvement regarding environmental issues.








Tel Avir passionately organizes events and discussions centered around environmental issues.


Tel Avir's 30th Event - Hear From Our Experts

July 15th, 2020

Tune in to hear from our community experts about the SDGs relevancy for innovative companies in Israel and an opportunity to do meaningful work in Israel's environmental sector. Join us on Zoom

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Tel Avir Webinar: Coronavirus and the Climate

April 6th, 2020

The coronavirus crisis is causing a dramatic decrease in businesses, transportation and travel. But what about its impact on the environment? From satellite images of cleaner air above China and Northern Italy to animals wondering the streets of main cites, join our virtual meetup this Monday to learn how this unrepresented and global shift is impacting our planet. You can see the recording of the event at:

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Trivia for Bushfire Relief

January 28th, 2020

In response to the tragic ongoing devastating fires in Australia and loss of both lives and immense wildlife, a group of local Aussies together with Tel Avir wanted to find a way to contribute and help this tragedy even from the other side of the world. Please join us for a night of trivia, drinks and mingling at one of the coolest new spots The Spot Hostel Tel Aviv in the Namal. Let's do what we can to help every bit counts!

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